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Is an IT Managed Service Provider the perfect remote working solution?

At KubeNet we know that moving to hybrid working comes with a number of benefits. Even so, it also comes with some pain points. Cyber security concerns. Making sure your team are set up for working at home. Or even improving your infrastructure… getting the right remote working solution has many moving parts. As a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), we’re here to help you with all of these considerations and more. With guidance at every step, you’ll be set up for a smooth, secure and successful transition to remote working.

What are Managed Services?

Put simply, Managed Services are a way to outsource the day-to-day management of your IT needs. Interestingly, one third of UK businesses plan on outsourcing in 2022. This means now is the perfect time to consider how an MSP can be your remote working solution. Cost reduction, access to the best IT talent and cyber security concerns top the list of reasons to outsource. However, this only scratches the surface of the benefits.

KubeNet’s Managed Services means we proactively monitor your entire infrastructure. This includes LAN management, network, telephony, internet connectivity, server management, storage and network devices. Essentially, we become your go-to IT team. When it comes to a remote working solution, the benefits of an MSP are even clearer. Read on to see how KubeNet can help set your business up for continued success – no matter where your team work from.

Remote Working Solution 1: Increased Network Security (even at home!)

Worried about your team’s at-home network security? We fully understand. Cyber threats are on the rise, and they’re getting smarter! KubeNet can provide your business with the security businesses need to protect their internal network from an external attack. Our team proactively monitor your infrastructure – picking up suspicious activity before it becomes a problem. We also give recommendations and advice that support teams to stay safe when working from home. Most importantly, we give you peace of mind that you have a secure, robust remote working solution.

IT manager working remote

Remote Working Solution 2: Setting your team up for success

Ensuring your team are set up for remote work is a big task. In fact, it’s still one of the main reasons businesses put off making the change. How will your team keep in touch? Does your infrastructure support remote working? There’s a lot to consider.

Whether it’s upgrading your internet connection or modernising your telephony, partnering with an MSP will help you identify the right remote working solution for your business. Staying connected, no matter where you are is crucial. Getting things right from the get go ensures you’ll have a productive and successful hybrid working environment for your team. Best of all? You can guarantee that your teams’ home offices are robust and secure – leaving you to focus on other business priorities.

Remote Working Solution 3: Remote IT Support

Let’s talk ongoing support. At KubeNet we recruit invest in the best IT talent. We strongly believe in continued professional development, and make sure our team have the most up-to-date knowledge. Estimates put the need for IT staff at 180,000 in the UK alone! Outsourcing to an MSP removes the need to recruit. It also gives you access to our multi-skilled team of IT professionals when you need it.

Response time is crucial when something goes wrong with your IT and telephony. Especially when working remotely. With KubeNet as your MSP, we remove this stress, providing quality troubleshooting and solutions from a distance. Importantly, your team can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Remote worker using laptop

Remote Working Solution 4: Stay ahead of the competition

One thing in IT is certain. Technology will continue to change and develop at a rapid pace. With the current rate of digital transformation, it can be hard to keep up with what your business needs to stay agile. How long before you need to upgrade your tech? Is there a tool out there that can make your life easier? What’s the next big thing you need to know about? A leading MSP can help with these considerations.

At KubeNet we are future focused – so we always have one eye on what’s coming up next. As an MSP, we pass this knowledge on to our customers. This allows you to prepare and plan for the future. Meaning you can stay ahead of the competition. Most importantly, it helps set your business up for ongoing success – no matter where your team are working from.

What’s next?

Outsourcing your IT support may seem like a big task. Yet, with the rate of change in the IT sector, it’s increasingly the best option for many businesses. At KubeNet we take a flexible and personal approach to Managed Services. Looking after your entire infrastructure means it remains healthy and highly available. In fact, there are so many benefits of adopting an MSP as your remote working solution. Reduced costs, professional remote IT support, high level service for your team, enhanced security and more.

When you outsource your IT support to KubeNet you’re gaining an IT partner that works in the best interests of your business. We work with your organisation to fully understand your needs and goals, ensuring a smooth transition that supports your growth. We also provide and invest in the development of the best IT talent to consistently support you. This means you can focus on your other business priorities.

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