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Ultra-fast ethernet

Connect faster, work smarter with our lightning-fast gigabit ethernet.

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High speed, low latency, secure and reliable.

KubeNet owns and operates a high capacity, UK-wide internet network that’s designed & built exclusively for business and public sector customers.

We connect and power some of the UK’s fastest growing and innovative businesses over our dedicated high-speed, low-latency and resilient network, and can combine private SIP & Microsoft Teams solutions at reduced costs.

Our team of trusted engineers and business support professionals can provide your business with a complete, bespoke solution that will enable you to work from anywhere.

What is full ultra-fast fibre Ethernet?

Offering unparalleled levels of reliability and security, as well as the fastest speeds, our fibre leased line Ethernet is for those that need the very best in dedicated internet connectivity.

Full fibre Ethernet is perfect for businesses that require high-speed, reliable internet connectivity, especially if you rely heavily on cloud-based services, large file transfers, hosted voice and video conferencing. It provides faster and more consistent data transfer rates, reduces latency and is less susceptible to interference and signal degradation than copper Ethernet. 

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Dedicated Leased Lines

Dedicated leased lines are exclusively yours and available to your business all the time, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for your business needs. 

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Scalable Solutions Tailored to your Business.

With managed and wires only options, and speeds of 100Mbps to Gigabit, our ethernet solutions are perfect for businesses of all sizes. Whatever your requirements, KubeNet can deliver straightforward internet connections through to complex and mission-critical connectivity.

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Why Ultra-fast Ethernet?

Faster data transfer speeds

With ultra-fast Ethernet, data can be transferred at incredibly high speeds, allowing for quicker access to files, applications, and data - increasing productivity and reducing downtime caused by slow networks.

Improved network reliability

Because we own and operate our own Layer 2 network, our Ethernet solutions are more reliable than traditional connections, and less susceptible to interference, signal degradation and other disruptions - meaning your network will be up and running when you need it most.

Better Scalability

As your business grows, so do your connectivity needs. Our lightning-fast Ethernet provides the scalability to accomadate your increasing bandwidth requirements without compromising on speed or performance.

Enhanced Security

Ultra-fast Ethernet is less susceptible to hacking and data breaches. It can offer enhanced security features, such as encryption and VLAN segmentation, that help protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access to your network.

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Your Trusted Technology Partner

We own and operate our own high-capacity, UK wide Layer 2 network, designed and built exclusively for business and public sector customers.

Choosing KubeNet for Ultra-Fast Gigabit Ethernet gives you:

Great value, ultra-fast, scalable and reliable solutions for businesses of any size

Up to 1 Gbps symmetrical upload and download speeds

Monitored 24/7/365 UK based customer and technical support

Resilient failover capabilities

Flexibility and scalability - increase capacity to meet changing business demands

Interconnects and partnerships with all major upstream car

Designed exclusively for businesses, with UK wide reach

Connect faster, work smarter with ultrafast Ethernet

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