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Colocation and Data Centre Services

Simplify Data Management with our Colocation and Server Solutions

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Reliable Colocation Services. Unmatched Data Security.

The way you organise your ICT infrastructure is key to the ongoing security and success of your business. It’s crucial that infrastructure solutions meet the demands of your business and your users.

Our expertise covers everything from Colocation - where you can host your computer, storage and network hardware within our highly resilient Data Centres - to on-premise & Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery and Private Cloud, all supported on our infrastructure or managed in the hyper cloud.

Our infrastructure solutions are designed to meet the demands of your business and your users, with an agile design that provides scalability and flexibility to suit your evolving needs.


Why Colocation?

Colocation offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses that want to maintain ownership and control over their hardware, while eliminating the burdensome tasks of managing and maintaining a dedicated data centre.


By leveraging KubeNet's colocation solutions, you gain access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, including power supply, cooling systems, and physical security measures, all managed by our dedicated team of experts. This means you can focus on your core business objectives, knowing that your critical IT infrastructure is in safe hands with a trusted technology partner. 

Unleashing the full potential of your data

With colocation, you benefit from enhanced reliability, scalability, and connectivity options, as well as access to robust disaster recovery and business continuity measures. It's a flexible and future-proof solution that empowers you to leverage your own IT equipment while leveraging our expertise and infrastructure as a trusted colocation provider.

Data Center

The benefits of colocation

Enhanced Reliability


Colocation and data center services provide businesses with a highly reliable infrastructure to house their critical IT equipment. We ensures that your servers and equipment are housed in a secure and resilient environment, minimising the risk of downtime due to power outages, environmental factors, or hardware failures.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Colocation offers access to high-speed and robust network connectivity resulting in faster data transfer speeds, reduced latency, and enhanced network performance, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted access to your applications and services.

Improved Connectivity and Network Performance

 Colocation provides comprehensive physical and digital security measures to protect your valuable data and equipment.  Additionally, as our data centres adhere to ISO27001 standards, we ensure that your data is stored and managed in a secure and compliant manner.

Scalable and Cost Effective

Colocation and data center services offer businesses the flexibility to scale their IT infrastructure as needed. Instead of investing in expensive in-house data center infrastructure, businesses can leverage KubeNet's resources and expertise - allowing you to easily expand or downsize your IT infrastructure based on your requirements, without the need for significant upfront capital investments. 

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Your Trusted Technology Partner

At KubeNet we work in partnership with your business to deliver bespoke solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Why choose KubeNet for your Remote Monitoring and Management?

Real time device monitoring and alerts management

Rapid Remote Support

IT automation and scripting

Automated patch management

Reporting and analytics

Multiply your team's impact and profitability

Ready for reliable colocation and unmatched data security?

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