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Kube Teams Connect

Giving Microsoft Teams a voice through Direct Routing

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What is Kube Teams Connect?

With more than 300 million monthly active Microsoft Teams users, Kube Teams Connect is a simple addition to the platform, designed to work seamlessly and add enhanced telephony features - streamlining your business communications. By choosing Kube Teams Connect, your business enables its users to make, receive and transfer calls to and from landlines and mobile phones in Microsoft Teams. 

It's a cost-effective, more flexible alternative to both traditional PBX and Microsoft Calling Plans - allowing your business to impliment voice services, benefit from our user friendly platform, seamlessly integrate products, work with a familiar functionality and experience full support from our KubeNet engineers.

Kube Teams Connect combines the resilience and global reach of KubeNet's own private voice network, with the speed and flexibility of our fully managed services - plus access to our team of voice experts. 

Want to know more?

On a Video Call

Collaborate and Communicate

In the office or working remotely you’ll never miss a call. Kube Teams Connect delivers external voice services and advanced features through your Microsoft Teams app, from any location across any device, transforming Teams into a full collaborative solution. This kind of collaboration and communication enables a business as usual approach no matter where you are – be it home, office or in the field.

Utilising a single platform for collaboration and voice, Microsoft Teams in conjunction with KubeNet combines to create a robust, resilient and feature rich telephony platform. Communicate with your internal staff and external customers through one application allowing for complete business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Maximise value from your Teams Environment

Cost-effective alternative to expensive Microsoft calling plans

Hunt groups, IVRs, Voicemail, Time of Day Routing and call queuing are just some of the basic features of Kube Teams Connect service. We can also offer full contact centre functionality, PCI compliant Omnichannel Teams recording and integration to CRM’s and Work Force Management tools.


Consumers are increasingly using different tools to communicate, Telephony, Email,  Live Chat, WhatsApp – our contact centre solution supports all of those platforms with Kube Teams Connect voice routing.

KubeNet offer call packages with inclusive minutes & features than the standard number of calls through Microsoft calling plans, and importantly significantly more cost effective.

Working from Home

Our Process

We get you up and running with Kube Teams Connect in just four easy steps. Watch our short video explaining how we go through the discovery, migration, ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your solution.

Why choose Kube Teams Connect?

Cost Savings

Kube Teams Connect allows your business to use its existing phone system and devices with Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and reducing costs associated with purchasing new licenses.

Enhanced Security

Direct routing offers additional security options such as session border controllers (SBCs) to secure voice traffic and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements - helping your business protect sensitive data and maintain the privacy.

Improved Productivity

Kube Teams Connect integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft applications, enabling your team to streamline workflows and improve collaboration, resulting in increased productivity.

Global Reach

Kube Teams Connect allows businesses to connect with users worldwide, leveraging a network of local carriers to deliver high-quality voice services globally - helping you expand your reach and operate more efficiently on a global scale.

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Your Trusted Technology Partner

Microsoft Call Plans come with the risk of bill shock, limited number porting and calling bundles, and they're more expensive than the alternative. Working with KubeNet provides you all of these benefits over Microsoft Calling Plans, and more!

Why you should choose Kube Teams Connect:

Improved calling bundles over Microsoft

01, 02, 03 and 08 number termination with no number translation

Access to full Microsoft suite with enhanced support

International calling solutions

Consistently reliable call quality, no matter where you are or what device you're using

Carrier-class resilience and availability

Easy number porting

Full management support, from end-to-end

Omni-channel recording capabilities

Call statistics available, allowing you to monitor and manage your communications

Disaster Recovery plans as standard

Contact Centre functionality

Simplify communications, boost productivity

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