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Bringing together multiple sites with high performance Networking

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Keeping your sites connected

Whether you’re an SME or Large Corporate, KubeNet can provide both a wires-only Layer 2 WAN or a fully managed Layer 3 solution that delivers performance, reliability and security allowing you to make the best use of multimedia services including voice, video and cloud-based applications.

When you choose KubeNet to optimise your Wide Area Network (WAN), you consolidate your network into a single enterprise infrastructure. Reducing network complexity and costs, it also makes it easy to monitor and control IT systems in various locations simultaneously.

A modern business needs access to cloud-based applications that enhance customer experience. We also offer online reporting, allowing you to manage your network proactively with QoS enabling you to reassign priorities as required and increasing response times and improving application performance, visibility and control.

Revolutionise your Business Connectivity with a Private WAN.

Our WAN connection enables networks to be faster and easier to manage when routing voice, data and video packets between sites, devices and users and share information quickly.

They offer a cost-effective and secure solution to sharing information between remote workers, partners and offices, as well as ensuring fast, reliable connectivity for real-time applications and will enable you to restructure your operations, improve efficiency and reduce cost of ownership, helping your business to be brilliant.

WAN enables networks to be faster and easier to manage when routing voice, data and video packets between sites, devices and users.

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The benefits of a Private WAN

Enhanced Communication

A WAN connects multiple sites within a business, allowing for faster and more reliable communication between different teams and departments - improving collaboration, streamlining processes and enhancing decision making across the organisation.

Centralised Management

A WAN enables centralised management of IT resources, including data storage, software applications and network security - meaning IT admins can more easily monitor and manage network activities from a single location, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Increased Efficiency

A WAN allows for sharing of resources, such as printers, scanner and servers across multiple sites, increasing efficiency and reducing duplication of effort - giving your employees access to the resources they need regardless of their physical location.

Improved Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, such as a natural disaster or cyber-attack, a WAN can help ensure that critical data and applications are available to all sites, reducing downtime and minimising the impact on business operations. 

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Your Trusted Technology Partner

We own and operate our own high-capacity, UK wide Layer 2 network, designed and built exclusively for business and public sector customers.

Choosing KubeNet as your WAN provider gives you:
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Highly reslient WAN - built around resilient data centres with multiple connections to Tier 1 carrier networks

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Enhanced performance - increased response times and improved application performance

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Cost savings - on connections and hardware

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Easy management - with diagnostic reporting and alert capabilities

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Scalability - scale up to deal with growth or business spik

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Bolt-on solutions - add other network solutions including core based Firewall and private Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Keeping your sites connected

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