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How Managed Service Providers deliver a stronger Cyber Security defence than you might expect.

When you partner with a managed service provider (MSP), you gain access to an extensive suite of IT services and expertise. For example, at KubeNet, we help clients with network infrastructure, on-site service desk support, and cloud migration. And that's barely scratching the surface! Where MSPs really excel is taking away the headache of day-to-day IT operations, leaving your business leaders to get on with what matters most - growing your business.

Managed Service Provider providing cyber security solutions

How can a Managed Service Provider improve your business' cyber security?

Cyber security in particular is an area where MSPs truly shine. A reputable MSP will allocate dedicated cyber security resource to assist you in evaluating your current security status. Using tools such as Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing, they'll meticulously analyse your current defenses and identify areas that require attention to keep your network and customer data safe.

With a strong understanding of risk management and cyber security accreditations such as Cyber Essentials Plus, an MSP can provide strategic guidance and hands-on implementation support to bridge the gap. Plus, as an MSP, they essentially become an extension of your business, meaning they provide support that keeps your assets secure around the clock.

MSPs vs MSSPs: What's the difference?

While some businesses are now opting to work with a specialist managed security service provider (MSSP), this could be shortsighted. If you're working with an MSP, also entrusting them with your cyber security solutions makes financial sense. Plus, you'll gain from having a more holistic approach to your entire IT function. Your MSP has visibility of day-to-day tickets, faults, alerts, requests and metrics that an MSSP wouldn’t.

While an MSSP might frequently need to log and notify you about every alert, an MSP equipped with robust cyber security capabilities can effectively sift through the noise and false alarms. They promptly take necessary actions across all platforms without delay.

Working with a Managed Service Provider means working with a business that understands your organisation, its needs, and its goals - which goes hand-in-hand with providing a robust and focussed service.

In this article, we’ll look in more detail at how partnering with an MSP for your business’ cyber security could be one of the best IT decisions you could make.

Understanding the Role of a Managed Service Provider in Cyber Security

When it comes to cyber security, a managed service provider can offer you a whole host of services to help safeguard your IT infrastructure, network and data. These include:

  • Protection: Utilising and managing the latest technological tools to proactively anticipate risks and stop potential data breaches in their tracks.

  • Operations: Handling the continuous monitoring, threat intelligence gathering, and swift response to emerging cyber threats.

  • Compliance: Ensuring strict adherence to all relevant cyber security regulations that relate to your industry.

  • Reporting: Providing essential visibility to stakeholders through comprehensive reporting mechanisms.

Making sure your business has these services in place is critical. These services are critical to your business. Failure to protect your business can have serious consequences, such as costly downtime, hefty fines and damage to your business' reputation. That's why choosing an MSP makes sense. They can cover all the bases that give your business peace of mind.

For SMEs, it doesn't only make financial sense to choose an MSP over an MSSP. As an award-winning MSP, KubeNet pride ourselves on our holistic, consultative approach to managed service provision, meaning you always stay part of the conversation.

Cyber Security Certifications and Training

One of the ways an MSP can really stand out amongst the crowd is by having cyber security accreditation and certifications relevant to your industry.

Regulatory bodies and tech providers issue certifications as a seal of approval that they’re experts in what they do. These certifications need renewal, and as part of that, MSPs must stay up-to-date with all relevant cyber security trends and technology. This also includes additional training and exams - so a Cyber accredited MSP is proof that they are dedicated to staying on top of all emerging cyber security threats.

As a Cyber Essentials Plus accredited organisation, KubeNet are not only dedicated to high standards of security internally, but are able to support organisations in their own certification journey - which can also help lower your business' cyber security insurance costs.

Partner with an MSP that Truly Understands your Business

KubeNet pride ourselves on being a trusted technology partner, not just a service provider. An MSP should become an extension of your business and a trusted advisor for your IT function. The best MSPs will take the time to get to know your business, its goals, company culture and employee working patterns. When they make recommendations, they should take into consideration your business objectives. We know that one-size-fits-all does not work when it comes to Managed Services.

For small and medium-sized businesses, partnering with an MSP for your cyber security makes sense. While you could run your cyber security in-house, the growing skills gap and training resource required for this could mean it doesn't make sense for your business.

Another thing to consider - cyber security threats can happen at any time – if you have an internal team you’ll need to make arrangements for 24/7 support, which may not be possible. That's why outsourcing to an MSP makes sense, giving you round the clock remote monitoring and management of your critical systems.

With a trusted MSP running your cyber security operations, you get:

  • A cost-effective service that scales with your business

  • The latest cyber security tech in your hands

  • Time to focus on what matters to your business

  • A single point of contact for all your managed services

  • A holistic view of your IT estate

If you run your own cyber security operation, you'll have to look after relationships with:

  • Hardware vendors

  • Multiple software vendors (firewall, data encryption, threat intelligence, etc.)

  • Your in-house cyber security team

  • ICO, cyber insurers and other third parties requesting information

You'll be required to engage with vendors annually for renewals, manage natural turnover within your in-house team, and respond to periodic inquiries from regulators.

With an MSP, your cyber security reporting is streamlined with other normal MSP reporting and renewal activities, reducing the time burden on you. You have one number to call, and one relationship to manage.

Your MSP will deal with software and hardware vendors, while managing interactions with regulators. Meaning you get to enjoy the benefit of reduced interaction and enhanced peace of mind with your cyber security provision.


When you partner with an MSP for your cyber security there are so many benefits:

  • A provider who truly understands your broader infrastructure, as well as your cyber security needs

  • A cyber security expert who can make the right recommendations that aligns your cyber approach with your business objectives

  • Experienced professionals to set up and run your cyber security operation

  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability

  • Access to the latest, cutting-edge cyber security technologies

  • Time back to focus on your core business functions

  • One partner at your service whenever you need them

The secret is to select an MSP that has both security and your wider business needs at the heart of everything they do.

Selecting the right MSP for long-term success is essential – one with the experience, reputation, service offerings, and pricing to suit your business needs.

Ready to talk? Contact our team for a free consultation today.


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