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Everything you need to know about the ISDN Switch-Off

The Switch Off is approaching! In this post we'll summarise what the PSTN Switch-Off means for your business, what services will be impacted, and how to future-proof your business communications with the right solutions

What is the PSTN Switch-Off?

A woman using a unified communications headset post ISDN Switch-Off

Traditional telephony and broadband connectivity has been supported by a network of analogue copper lines known as the PSTN, or the slightly more modern, but still outdated ISDN. This means that all solutions that still rely on PSTN/ISDN will need to move over to solutions that solely run via the internet or fibre technology. The deadline for the Switch-Off is 2025. But it's a process. One that will be completed gradually, and in fact, has already begun with the network becoming obsolete in locations around the UK.

If your business still relies on the PSTN/ISDN to power your solutions, the time to move to over to digital solutions is now to avoid your business communications, connectivity and business solutions being affected by the Switch-Off.

Your PSTN Switch-Off Jargon Buster

Why Is It Happening and What Will Replace the PSTN?

Solutions Affected by the Switch-Off

ASDL Broadband


Analogue Lines & Calls Services

Traditional PBX

Common services affected by the Switch-Off:

Many key solutions that use the PSTN will need to be replaced by internet-based solutions. This isn’t an exhaustive list of solutions that will be affected by the Switch-Off, but it will give you an idea of the solutions within your business that you will need to change to accommodate the phasing out of the PSTN/ISDN.

  • Legacy broadband connections – ADSL, FTTC, etc.

  • Analogue phone lines

  • Door entry systems

  • Traditional PBX phone systems

  • Emergency lines

  • Alarm systems

  • ATMs

  • Lifts

  • CCTV

The PSTN Switch-Off Timeline

The ISDN Switch-Off timeline with key dates and information

PSTN Switch Off Replacement Services

Our expert team are here to make the move from the PSTN to internet-based technology simple, straightforward and cost-effective, by driving your digital transformation journey. Our range of products and services provide everything you need to replace or upgrade your existing solutions to future-proof your business, improve your operations and provide the best experience for your customers.

Explore each button below to discover our range of Voice Solutions that ensures your business is future-proofed and ready for the ISDN Switch-off.

Are you ready to make the switch?


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