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Get ahead of the ISDN Switch-Off with KubeNet

Transform your business communications with our comprehensive telephony solutions and beat the ISDN Switch-Off!

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What is the ISDN Switch-Off?

Traditional telephony and broadband connectivity has been supported by a network of analogue copper lines known as the PSTN, or the slightly more modern, but still outdated ISDN. This means that all solutions that still rely on PSTN/ISDN will need to move over to solutions that run via the internet or using fibre technology.


The deadline for the Switch-Off is 2025. It's a process that will be completed gradually, but it's already begun, with the network becoming obsolete in locations around the UK.

If your business still relies on the PSTN/ISDN to power your solutions, the time to move to over to digital solutions is now to avoid your business communications, connectivity and business solutions being affected by the Switch-Off.

Get ready for the ISDN switch-off

No matter what size of business you have, if you're still using traditional copper phone lines then the ISDN switch off affects you. 

From 2025 you'll no longer have access to any services that use these lines so the time to find an alternative solution is now!

Watch this short video where we introduce alternative solutions that are faster, more reliable and cost-effective than traditional lines.

Still confused? Read our Jargon Busting blog post.

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Stay connected with your customers - anywhere - with our tailored Unified Communication solutions

Bringing together different communication channels like voice, video, chat, and email into one integrated platform, unified communications (UC) voice solutions are the future of business communications. 

Having all of these essential functions in one platform provides your business with streamlined communications processes and increased productivity. With UC Voice solutions, your team can communicate and collaborate more effectively - regardless of their location or device. The result? Improved customer service, increased employee satisfaction and reduced costs.

So whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our UC voice solutions transform your business communications - keeping you connected and competitive. 

Why choose a UC voice solution?

UC Voice Solutions bring together multiple communication channels into a single, integrated platform, providing businesses with improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and better customer service - giving your business the competitive edge.

Our voice solutions provide you with great benefits:

Improved Collaboration

UC Voice solutions bring all communication channels together into a single platform, making it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Cost Savings

UC Voice solutions can help businesses save money by reducing the need for multiple communication systems and services, such as separate phone, email, and video conferencing solutions.

Increased Mobility

Employees stay connected and productive even when they are away from the office. This is especially valuable for businesses with remote or mobile workers, as it enables them to access all of their communication tools from any device and any location.

Enhanced Customer Service

Employees can use unified communication tools to quickly access customer information and communicate with customers across multiple channels, such as phone, email, and social media - providing a more seamless and responsive customer experience.

Our Solutions

a user having a microsoft teams call with a group of people

Microsoft Teams

Connect your offices wherever you are with Ethernet Point to Point

Person having a phone call

Hosted Telephony

Enabling our customers to make and take calls from anywhere

Business Video Call

SIP Trunks

SIP Solutions that are Flexible and Cost Effective

Executive Making a Phone Call

Calls and Lines

Unrivalled phone calls and line packages all with UK support and tariffs built for you

Your FREE Guide to the ISDN Switch-Off

We get it. It's a lot of information and lots to think about. That's why we have created a guide to to answer the most common questions about the Big Switch-Off and to show how easy it it migrate from your old system to a new system provided by KubeNet.

If you have any questions, our team is on hand to assist with any enquiries you may have!

Download your ISDN Switch-Off Guide

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