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Why you shouldn't wait to upgrade your telephony

Biding your time before you upgrade your telephony? Here’s why you shouldn’t wait too long.

2025 is a big year for everyone. It is, of course, when the old copper-based phone network is meant to be switched off. By December of that year, everyone, businesses included, will need to have digital phone lines installed. Even though this seems like you may still have time, it’s not a good idea to put off upgrading your telephony, and there are, in fact, several benefits to doing it now.


In this post, we look at some of the key reasons why you shouldn’t wait to go digital. 

a telephony upgrade to all IP phone system

Avoid the rush

While some people are incredibly organised and like to get important tasks done as soon as possible, many of us leave things until the last minute. By one estimate, around 20% of adults tend to procrastinate.


That could be a problem as we approach 2025. If too many businesses put off upgrading to digital phone lines, there could be a rush later on as they all try to get it done at the same time. That could lead to delays and potential disruption.


Spread out your upgrade

Moving to internet-based phones is fast and easy, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once, across your entire business. In fact, you could just upgrade particular users or certain premises first, and then do more later.


This flexibility not only gives you time to properly test out new solutions; it can also help you minimise disruption and to spread out any costs that come from upgrading to digital lines. 


A woman using a telephony upgrade


Embrace remote working

Because digital phone lines use the cloud, you can make and take calls from anywhere using the same number, on a range of devices. That means it’s much easier to embrace remote working. No matter where you are, your customers will be able to reach you, using the same number they always use.


This is a big plus point, because many experts predict businesses will continue to use hybrid working, where people spend some of their time working in the office and some of their time working remotely.


Keep your business going no matter what

As well as enabling remote and hybrid working, digital phone lines mean you can keep your business going if disaster strikes. That’s because you can access your service from anywhere.


If your internet connection went down, for example, you could use 4G or 5G on your phone to make calls via a mobile app. And if your office was completely inaccessible, you could work remotely and still access your usual phone line.


Start saving now

There are many great digital phone tariffs, and usually calls are cheaper than with traditional lines – particularly with international calls. These are savings that could be available to your business right now, so it makes sense to take them as soon as possible. By putting off the upgrade, you’re needlessly missing out.


You might even be able to save more by getting a digital phone line that’s bundled with broadband. Having one supplier for both will also simplify your billing.


Get ahead of the competition

Being able to work flexibly from anywhere in the world can give your business an advantage over the competition. As well as enabling you to stay operational in difficult circumstances, remote working can be used as a way to attract and retain staff.


For many people, the ability to work flexibly is a major priority. In fact, many prefer hybrid working over other job perks, including significant pay rises. By upgrading your phones to digital lines, you can make hybrid working easier and attract more staff.


Upgrade easily

The whole telecoms industry has known about the 2025 switch-off for several years already. Many businesses have already made the leap to digital phone lines. So although digital lines are relatively new compared to traditional lines, they’ve been around long enough to have proven their worth.


For businesses like yours, the switch to digital phone lines is fast, easy and trouble-free. If there are any problems in upgrading your line, they can be dealt with quickly too.


Ready to start your digital transformation?

We offer a range of digital phone lines for businesses. Whether you need one line or hundreds, we have a solution for you. And we also help you with connectivity, with a choice of high-speed broadband services, more than capable of handling digital phone calls, video calling, file sharing and more.


If you’d like to talk to us about upgrading your phone lines, our team are standing by. Contact us today.


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