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Honouring Jim Taylor: KubeNet sponsor the Inaugural Jim Taylor MBE Memorial Golf Day

We are proud to announce KubeNet's sponsorship of the inaugural Jim Taylor MBE Memorial Golf Day, set to take place at Glasgow Golf Club on April 17th 2024. All proceeds from this event will benefit Hearts + Balls, a charity that Jim passionately supported as an ambassador and events coordinator.  

Jim Taylor was a man who meant so much to our business, so when we were approached with the opportunity to sponsor this fundraising event  for this incredible charity in his honour we didn’t hesitate to get on board.   

Jim Taylor talks to Adam Ashe in Club KubeNet before a Glasgow Warriors game
Jim Taylor talks to Adam Ashe in Club KubeNet before a Glasgow Warriors game where he presented the match ball

"Our first introduction to Glagow Warriors Business Club was through Jim which developed into our sponsorship and Club KubeNet. Jim was a colleague and friend, and I'm sure he would loved to have been a part of this event. When we were approached with the opportunity be a sponsor and support this incredible charity in his honour we didn’t hesitate to get on board." - Julie Inglis, Director - KubeNet

As part of the overall fundraising, on the day of the Golf Day we will also be donating a prize of two Friday tickets for TRNSMT to the charity auction. Hearts + Balls is dedicated to providing support and assistance to rugby players and their families during times of need. It is a vital charity that embodies the same sense of community and mentorship that Jim exemplified throughout his life. Jim’s wife Sandra will be continuing his fantastic work as a Board Member and will be steering things in the right direction.

We also have a team of our own taking part on the day. With Glasgow Warriors players participating as well as some extremely competent amateurs it looks like we'll have our work cut out for us - but we are looking forward to the challenge!

If you are interested in supporting this wonderful charity, or are interested in future Hearts & Balls events you can keep up with all their latest activities by following their Facebook page. 

Together, we look forward to honouring Jim Taylor's memory in a manner befitting his remarkable life and legacy. We can't wait to see you at the Glasgow Golf Club for what promises to be a memorable day that will make a real difference for an impactful charity. 

Thank you for your support. 

Jim Taylor MBE Memorial Golf Day


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