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GDPR Are YOU Ready?

In my last blog I looked at the pace of technology and the way hackers are using it to steal data. In this blog we’ll explore how GDPR will go a long way to making sure that businesses gather, use, store and secure data, with an emphasis on security. At KubeNet, we welcome GDPR. It…

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The Pace of Technology is mind blowing & so are Cyber threats, how GDPR will help

In recent years technology has advanced massively. We use the Internet for everything from banking, to switching on your kettle. Whilst technology has progressed so have those genius and not so genius hackers. “not so genius” you might ask. As we know, Hackers target basic vulnerabilities such as weak passwords as they know a huge…

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Protect your business and get GDPR compliant now

In this the third and final part of this series on GDPR, we’re going to concentrate on what you can do now to ensure that when next May comes, you, your data strategy, and your business are protected and compliant with the new regulations. GDPR is your chance to take a good look at what…

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GDPR – What it means for your business

In this article, the second in our GDPR series, we’ll look at the content of the GDPR and what you’ll need look at and address to be on the right side of the law. When do I have to be compliant? The GDPR comes into force in all member states of the EU on 25th…

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