The way we now make calls are changing and we stay at the forefront of technology to give you options that make a difference.

I like getting better for less

The ability to speak to customers and colleagues on the phone will always be a business necessity, which everyone takes for granted. The costs that come with it, however, shouldn’t be. The way we now make calls are changing and we stay at the forefront of technology to give you options that make a difference.

OPTIMUS Hosted Telephony

OPTIMUS is built on the industry-leading Broadsoft platform. Hosted in carrier grade data centres, OPTIMUS is a secure, accessible, reliable and cost-effective way to provide voice telecoms to all your people all the time. Think disaster recovery, security, multi-site compatibility, free site-to-site calls and competitive off-net call plans hosted telephony ticks all the boxes.

We can deliver OPTIMUS over your KubeNet circuit, giving you your own Virtualised Private Voice Cloud, an ideal solution for clients who require more sophisticated voice apps. We can even deliver it over the public internet, if you have your own dedicated Fibre Ethernet circuit or Broadband.

With PBX fraud still a serious threat, a major benefit of using OPTIMUS is the monitoring of call patterns, and if we spot anything suspicious we can lock down a threat quickly and without any fuss.

All you need is connectivity (and we do that too).

SIP trunking is highly resilient, not only offering a stable, reliable and cost-effective foundation for your voice communications, but also providing a vital tool when it comes to disaster recovery. Calls can be re-routed automatically to an alternative path or location, whether to another connection within the premises, or to another site. The process is so quick that your service is maintained without interruption.

SIP trunks allow FREE on-net calls between multiple connected sites offering you fantastic cost savings, along with competitive call rates to all off-net and international calls.

Our SIP trunks are built on our own OPTIMUS platform over a resilient 10GB core network which uses two dual-node SBCs, and are load balanced (active/active) across our multiple carrier grade data centres.

It’s a complete solution, offering a reliable service supported by SLAs, at a cost that’s truly competitive.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business mobiles industry, and we partner with all the major mobile networks. From selecting the network and devices that are right for you, to delivering business-class after sales support, we provide an unbeatable level of service all the way through the process.

Whether it’s for single or multiple users, we can build a range of plans to suit your business, and bill it along with the full range of KubeNet products on one unified invoice. Simple and affordable, we aim to make life easier.

Wholesale Line Rental

Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) from kube provides you with a secure and fully managed telephone connection:

  • Analogue Lines
  • ISDN2 circuits
  • ISDN30 circuits

All lines can support enhanced care packages to provide guaranteed service levels.

With a number that isn’t tied to an area or specific location (such as a number starting with 0333) you can better engage with a national customer base, while also having the flexibility to route calls to other destinations – whether for volume management or disaster recovery.

KubeVoice ensures the best possible call rates for your business. It’s a fully automated system that doesn’t impact your customers’ experience, yet it makes a significant difference to your costs.

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