What we do

What we do is simple: We listen. We understand. We deliver.

Connecting and protecting organisations like yours

While we offer expertise in a variety of specialist fields, there is no off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all service with KubeNet. Instead, we provide services delivered as a unified package, and tailored to the needs of our clients.

That’s why we work hard to listen: the first connection we make is with you. The more we hear about your needs and aims, the better we understand where we can make the biggest difference. Our services may revolve around cutting edge technology, but it’s our approach that helps us make an impact – whether it’s giving your people greater access, helping you become more responsive to your market or simply saving you money.


KubeNet are a Cisco Premier Partner specialising in network, security, wireless and unified communications solutions for business built on a foundation of market leading, best of breed hardware and software.


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KubeNet Connectivity


We own and manage our own Next Generation Network. Built for businesses of all sizes, it offers flexible & reliable super-fast connectivity, whether you require DSL, EFM, Fibre Ethernet or your own Private Network. We’re here to connect you.


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KubeNet Security


There’s no margin for error when it comes to protecting your business. We take network Security seriously, whether it’s utilising our enterprise grade Hosted Managed Firewall (KMFS) or working with you to build security policies to protect against breaches, we have your back.


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KubeNet Cloud


Cloud and hybrid Cloud is about scalable, accessible and an affordable approach to your changing business needs. It’s about access to essentials like Co-Lo, AWS & Azure without the pain of managing on premise servers with the associated expensive maintenance costs.


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KubeNet Managed Services


Our managed services are flexible and scalable, designed to meet customer needs and keep pace with change. From Voice, Connectivity, IaaS, Hardware Maintenance and Vendor Management our Managed Service solutions provide your business with a single point of contact for your ICT requirements, all with our renowned KubeNet service.


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There was a time when making a telephone call meant having huge grey boxes on premise. Cloud-based voice services are today’s answer to that age – offering more control and flexibility, all at lower costs.


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