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How can I save money for my business?

We can save most businesses who are with BT direct around 40% on their current business lines and calls bills.

It’s as easy as filling in your details on the form below and we’ll call you back. Then all we need is a copy of a current bill and we can outline where we’ll save you money.

Another way you can save big is by future proofing your business with a brand new VoIP telephone system.

Optimus – Kube’s VoIP phone system means that you would pay a set monthly per user fee that includes all calls and line rental and you essentially get your hardware (the physical handset on your desk) free of charge.

As all the technology and features are cloud based, they are constantly updating which means you are always working from the latest version without having to pay any extra or do anything.

VoIP is also perfect for modern businesses as it allows staff to work anywhere with the same functionality as if they were sat at their desk taking a call.

Sounds good but I don’t want to have to change my phone number.

You wouldn’t have too!

Changing supplier is essentially just a paperwork exercise, we are able to take your lines over so you get a bill from KubeNet rather than BT or your current provider.

If you opt to change to our hosted VoIP Optimus would work with your current carrier to port your existing numbers into the cloud-based system. No need to change your number and reprint all your company stationery. Easy!

OK I’d like to go ahead, but is it going to be a hassle?

No switching to KubeNet is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Let Kube price your services
  2. Confirm going ahead
  3. We apply a transfer and within 10 working days, you have savings


Act Now- Speak to KubeNet

Don’t let your business spend more than it needs to on Telecoms- speak to KubeNet now, we can save you money on your analogue lines and calls or help you save big with a VoIP phone system.

Give us a call and let us propose the best option for you and detail how we can save you £’s.




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