Please see below for answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below please give us a call on 0344 873 4488 or alternatively email us sales.support@kubenet.net

Q: “I want to move to KubeNet for Internet Connectivity and Business Telecoms; do I have to let my current provider know?”

A: No, we do all the paperwork and legwork for you, so no awkward chat with your current provider all you must do is sign the paperwork and we do the rest

Q: “Who do I contact out of hours if I have a problem with my services?”

A: For out of hours issues please call our service desk on 0344 873 4488 Option 1 and you’ll be transferred to our Technical Specialists.

Q: “My business is moving office; can I take my number with me?”

A: Yes, absolutely and we can organise this for you. Just call us on 0344 873 4488 Option 2 and we can chat through your options.

Q: “We are a small business; we don’t have to worry about hackers, do we?”

A: Yes, you do! In fact, SME’s are even more likely to be targeted by Cyber Criminals. Give us a call we can devise help you take the necessary steps to ensure your protected.

Q: “How long does it take to take to deliver a router?

A: It does depend on the type of router you require but usually between 1-3 business days

Q: My Broadband connection keeps dropping – Can I fix it?

A: If your broadband connection is down, meaning you cannot get onto internet there are a few troubleshooting measures you can take before contacting us

  1. Turn router off and back on again- this simple step can resolve many problems and is always the 1st thing a support engineer will ask you to do. When switching on and off please ensure the hub is turned on and there are no loose cables.
  2. Check your micro filters – Intermittent connections can be caused by a faulty micro filter so its worth checking each one that you’ve got on the line. Disconnect every piece of equipment then reconnect testing the broadband connection as you go
  3. Try rebooting the device your using- this could fix the problem but if you’ve already tried this and you’re still having problems then please give us a call.

Q: “I think we are paying too much for our current telecoms bill with another provider, can you do better?”

A:  Almost certainly. We would love to analyse your bill and highlight areas where we could reduce your costs, whilst supplying your business with the quality and service you deserve

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’d love to help 0344 873 4488 or email sales.support@kubenet.net