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Top 3 ways to boost your Business Wi-Fi

With Business Wi-Fi seen as a luxury not a necessity,  a recent survey showed staff would be grumpier with a week without Wi-Fi than a week without Coffee,  it’s crucial that all businesses can offer employees, customers and guests Wi-Fi access that’s fast, free and reliable. Most of us now have a Wi-Fi connection at…

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Who keeps your business secure?

We don’t mean who locks the office door at night, who protects your businesses most valuable asset- its data? Unless your business has the correct cyber security measures in place such as a Firewall, you are essentially leaving the door and windows open for hackers to steal your secure and valuable information. No business however…

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KubeNet Director joins Scottish government’s cyber resilience working group

KubeNet Director Fraser Ferguson has joined the cyber resilience working group set up by the Scottish government to help businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks. This Private Sector Action Plan has been developed in partnership by the Scottish Government and the National Cyber Resilience Leaders Board (NCRLB). It has draw heavily on the views and expertise of…

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GDPR and BYOD – Oil and Water or Oil and Vinegar?

Has GDPR put an end to the growing trend for small companies to allow employees to bring their own devices for business use or is there a way for them to go together? This blog aims to outline how if at GDPR and BYOD can co-exist or if they just don’t mix. With the new…

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