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Urgent actions you can take to avoid NotPetya Ransomware

Following on from Wannacry, NotPetya is the latest ransomware threat that is now threatening businesses, organisations and individuals across the world. If you have not done so already, you need to take urgent action NOW to make sure that you do not fall victim to a massive cyber-attack that has infected machines globally demanding ransom.…

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Cyber Security moves up the agenda – fast

At KubeNet one of our top priorities is to stay at the leading edge of threat detection and prevention. We do that by finding, training and keeping the best IT people in the business, and also by being a leading part of the communications business through knowledge sharing and support. With security breaches costing business…

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Your best cybersecurity defence – is a managed service

Building your cybersecurity team for 2020 By now it is clear to all businesses that the biggest threat they face is cybersecurity. Yet many still do not have a plan or a structure in place to deal with it, exposing them to data breach, loss of business and loss of reputation. The latest major breach…

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Global Cyber Attack “WannaCry”

As you may have heard, in last few days a massive cyber-attack has infected machines around the world. The attack, called “WannaCry”, locks users out of their own systems and demands a ransom payment to release files. WannaCry has so far has impacted over 120 countries (and counting) and a large number of computers.  …

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