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Does my business need better broadband?

The short answer is YES but if you’re not convinced here’s why. With a superfast better broadband connection, you can Optimise your business with cloud computing– If you have a superfast broadband connection you can quickly and easily upload and store, access and download vast amounts of data. This allows your business to be more…

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Beat the BT Business Price Hike

Many customers are dissatisfied that BT are increasing their prices AGAIN from September 2018, this is the second increase this year and the fourth rise in three years. Many business owners choose BT business based on reputation however as shown in the past 18 months, BT will most likely continue to increase their prices. I’m with…

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Lose pounds in time for summer

Drop the £’s in time for summer with our cheap business lines and calls packages. Everyone wants to lose pounds in time for summer, don’t they? And we don’t mean lbs, we’re taking about the £’s that really matter for businesses. Summer can be an expensive time for SME’s due to staff holidays and a loss…

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Ofcom regulation update

Important Ofcom update Providing your customers with broadband speeds   The Office of Communications (Ofcom) are going to be introducing business and consumer codes of practice on broadband products and services.   We at KubeNet are keen on adhering to Ofcom regulations and revisions. For this reason when Ofcom release an update to one of…

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