Basic business broadband

ADSL broadband that's perfect for small businesses or low users

Businesses come in all sizes and luckily so do our broadband packages!

ADSL broadband is ideal for:

  • Small offices with a few staff
  • Employed or self-employed people who work from home

who require e-mail, internet and VPN (Virtual Private Network) access, i.e. access to a corporate intranet when you are working off-site.

ADSL Features

Our ADSL offering gives you many great features including:

  • You will get faster download and upload speeds.  ADSL2+ is a faster version of ADSL.
  • It offers you a very reliable network.  The network is configured to use alternate paths in the event of part of the networking failing.
  • You will receive business class service and support.  You can rely on our 15 years of experience in providing connectivity to businesses across the UK.
  • Faster upload speeds are available to you.  If you use virtual applications or on-line storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, then we recommend that you use our Fibre options to give your upload speeds a boost.

Our basic business broadband starts from just £22.99 per month with a £40 install charge.


For more information please email or call 0800 668 1266




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