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GDPR and BYOD – Oil and Water or Oil and Vinegar?

Has GDPR put an end to the growing trend for small companies to allow employees to bring their own devices for business use or is there a way for them to go together? This blog aims to outline how if at GDPR and BYOD can co-exist or if they just don’t mix. With the new…

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GDPR is just the beginning

  As we settle into the new reality of GDPR, and the flood of pleading emails arriving at our Inbox slows to a trickle, you might be forgiven for thinking that the worst of the data wars were over and the world could get back to normal.   Think again.   There’s one small part…

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Can I tell you a Secret?

How many people have you told your password? Your partner, friend or perhaps your colleague? Your data is only as safe as your passwords, it is imperative that you change your passwords frequently and tell no one. Remember, it’s a secret… Data breaches are in the news every day and with everyone being a target.…

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Our Terms and Conditions have been updated

Due to changes in EU regulations as a result of GDPR and a change in the cessation terms from our carriers we have had to release a revision to our Terms and Condition. Our new Terms and Conditions are effective from Thursday 7th June 2018.   Below we will detail the changes that we have…

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