Our Partners

Strategic Partnerships, Cost Efficiencies & One Point of Contact

KubeNET collaborate & partner with a full range of global carriers & solutions providers to ensure we deliver best of breed technology for business of all descriptions. So wherever you’re based we can connect and protect you.

Talk Talk Business Partner

Kube partner with Talk Talk Business to deliver leading edge Ethernet solutions

Virgin Media Business Partner

Virgin Media Business have been working with partners to provide voice, data and internet solutions for over 15 years and currently own the largest privately built fibre-optic network in the UK. KubeNET are one of Virgin Media Business leading partners in the UK 


Our Vodafone partner status recognises our commitment to technical expertise and the highest levels of capability over a sustained period with outstanding customer service.


We serve our members by delivering a high-quality registry and supporting the core Internet infrastructure. Connecting people within and beyond the technical community through our inclusive, multi-stakeholder approach, we contribute to an innovative and reliable Internet.

RIPE NCC vision statement 2015


Cogent is a multinational ISP consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world. With over 2,330 on-net service locations delivering connectivity to over 196 major markets and interconnects with over 5,820 other networks, Cogent enhance our KubeNet network.


KubeNET are a Premier Partner of Cisco who have become world leading in networking and their solutions are transforming the way people connect, communicate and collaborate.


Since 1990, when it pioneered Europe’s first purpose-built data centre in London, Telehouse has grown to become the leading global data centre provider offering 48 facilities worldwide along with managed ICT and cloud solutions.

As a leading provider of carrier-neutral data centres, Telehouse Interconnect brings together more than 3,000 business partners such as Carriers, Mobile and Content providers, Enterprises and Financial services companies. Fast, efficient and secure interconnections enable companies to accelerate speed to market and to create business opportunities, now and in the future.

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