Our commitment

We welcome the GDPR as an important step forward strengthening data protection laws across the European Union and making organisations responsible for the protection of personal data in this ever-growing technology world.

As such, we’re working to ensure we comply with the GDPR throughout every aspect of our service delivery, securing our customers data both internally or through our approved 3rd party providers.

We’re now making enhancements and amendments to our products, policies and documentation to bring everything in line with every requirement under the GDPR.

“At KubeNet, we are taking GDPR very seriously – not only in terms of our own compliance, but also ensuring that our customers are fully aware of what the regulations mean for them.”

Lora Barclay
Service Delivery Manager

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Understanding GDPR

GDPR is a new comprehensive EU-wide data protection law, designed to better protect people’s personal data. With technology playing an ever-greater and ever-deeper role in our lives, it provides an international standard, replacing the various laws and rules across different countries.

Put simply, it strengthens the privacy rights of EU individuals, and applies to any organisation processing data – that is, collecting, storing, transferring or using personal data for any purpose.

The new regulations come into force on 25th May 2018 – and all organisations must comply or potentially face severe sanctions.

To find out more about what is, and what to do about it, please see the latest advice from the Information Commissioner’s Office here [PDF]

Policies, procedures and practices

If you want to know more about how we work – both in terms of GDPR and our broader business practices – please take a look at our documentation detailing how we manage, process and secure our customers’ data:

If you have any questions or any special requests about data, please get in touch with our Data Protection Officer on DPO@kubenet.net