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Ready for Christmas? Disasters and hackers don’t take holidays.

As storm Caroline continues to be felt across the UK, the sharp cold spell has meant lots of TV coverage of snow, abandoned cars and airport disruption. It’s a timely reminder to check out your disaster recovery plan and see if it’s and fit for purpose. In other words – is your business resilient? “Disaster”…

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Dear Customers,   In line with standard industry good practice, and the supportive feedback we receive from our customer base, we will be implementing a change freeze over the end of year holiday period again this year.  During this time, there will be no changes actioned on any shared infrastructure, except in emergencies, or if…

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Why Compliance is not enough in today’s cybersecurity threatscape

We are now so used to hearing about data breaches and hacks on the news that it seems to have become part of the fabric of daily life. And equally so, it’s complacency that says – it won’t happen to me. This is in part driven by the reporting being about major multi-nationals or global…

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KRACK – A growing threat to your network.

Cyber attackers have added a new member to their team and it’s a potential game changer. It’s name is KRACK. Recently published research has identified multiple vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi devices. Simply, KRACK will reinstall network encryption keys on the devices disabling replay protection and significantly reducing the security of encryption   KRACK vulnerability in…

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