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Christmas Freeze Dates

In line with standard industry good practice, as well as feedback we receive from our customers, KubeNet will again be implementing a change freeze over the Christmas holiday period this year.  During this time, there will be no non-critical changes actioned on any shared infrastructure unless this has been pre-agreed as an exemption.   DATES…

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Be aware of what you share – the tale of terror

Another terrifying tale to celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month. New research published as part of Get Safe Online Week has revealed that a staggering 21 Brits are defrauded every minute because of oversharing on social media. The issue seems to be that Brits are unclear as to what oversharing is and what is best practice…

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Cyber Attacks can Kill

It’s the 3rd in our scary seasonal series of blogs and probably the most alarming yet! The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that a life-threatening cyber attack will almost certainly take place soon. In its 2nd annual review the NCSC has revealed it has handled 1,167 cyber incidents, including 557 in the last…

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Be afraid. Be very afraid – How secure is your password?

Happy Halloween and Happy National Cyber Security Month! Following on our scary cyber stories during October. Here’s a real life horror story that will make you afraid- very afraid- password security. Rapid 7 a large PEN testing company sampled 130,000 passwords and here are the findings. In this dataset, there are three extremely common passwords.…

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