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Its not all about the savings

Openreach are applying yet another price increase as of October 2018. WLR Features such as Call Diversion, Call Barring will be subject to increase. KubeNet will be absorbing the price hike and not increasing the costs of these features to Kube Voice customers. Therefore customers are being protected by KubeNet from yet another BT/Openreach price…

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Top 3 ways to boost your Business Wi-Fi

With Business Wi-Fi seen as a luxury not a necessity,  a recent survey showed staff would be grumpier with a week without Wi-Fi than a week without Coffee,  it’s crucial that all businesses can offer employees, customers and guests Wi-Fi access that’s fast, free and reliable. Most of us now have a Wi-Fi connection at…

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Beat the BT Business Price Hike

Many customers are dissatisfied that BT are increasing their prices AGAIN from September 2018, this is the second increase this year and the fourth rise in three years. Many business owners choose BT business based on reputation however as shown in the past 18 months, BT will most likely continue to increase their prices. I’m with…

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Who keeps your business secure?

We don’t mean who locks the office door at night, who protects your businesses most valuable asset- its data? Unless your business has the correct cyber security measures in place such as a Firewall, you are essentially leaving the door and windows open for hackers to steal your secure and valuable information. No business however…

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